Interview Questions and Answers for Azure Data Factory and SSIS

First, I apologize.
I apologize because I intentionally lured you to this post using a clickbait-y post title.
Frankly, that’s not very nice of me.

But Before You Leave…

May I share a nickel’s worth of free advice? If you get a job by taking a shortcut of some kind – like memorizing a bunch of interview question responses or having someone else pose as you for the interview – it’s not going to end well. It will end badly for you, the company that hires you, and probably the company that told the employer that you were qualified.

I understand the temptation.

I remember begging recruiters to “just give me chance.” I knew I could learn things well-enough to be good at them. All I needed was a chance. I tried hard to get into a position where I could prove myself.

But I did not misrepresent the truth.

Proverbs contains excellent advice along these lines in Proverbs 20:10 and 20:23:

Don’t misrepresent your skills or experience. Misrepresenting yourself is akin to using different weights and different measures.

I can hear many of you thinking, …

“What Should I Do Instead, Andy?”

That is an excellent question. I’m so glad you asked!

My answer is: Learn all the things. At the time of this writing, a simple search at for Azure Data Factory (ADF) returns lots of videos. Some of them are out of date (most are out of date!), but that’s simply the nature of working in the cloud. Try to figure out the old stuff. Stick with it. Make the issues give up before you do.

I promise you will learn stuff if you simply refuse to quit.

Microsoft Learn is a fantastic place to gain knowledge of Azure Data Factory. Microsoft Learn includes tutorials on many ADF topics.

The best part – YouTube and Microsoft Learn are free.


In 2023, there’s really no shortcut to putting in some effort to increase and improve your knowledge of a technology. Take it from me – someone who has hired many technologists (and fired a few) – sharing what you’ve already done to increase and improve your knowledge will impress most interviewers. Some interviewers will be searching strictly for experience.

That’s not the job for you.

Many companies are seeking candidates who are willing to get things done, candidates who resist the “easy ways(s)” such as memorizing interview questions and answers. The job for you is an employer who recognizes your initiative.

Andy Leonard

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