SSIS Third-Party Components: CozyRoc

CozyRoc has a suite of Control Flow Tasks that are worth a look. We’re using the SFTP (Secure FTP) and SSH Connection Manager on my current project.

Once we identified the need for SFTP, I looked around and identified a couple companies / products. The CozyRoc download was the only one I could make work.

I’ve communicated with the company a few times with questions about functionality. I found Ivan to be very responsive and refreshingly open.

We’re planning to use other tasks in the suite as well: the Script Task Plus, Zip Task, and Database Partitions Task are slated for use. It’s all good stuff and the price is extremely reasonable ($99.95!) – especially when compared to the competition.

Kudos Ivan.

:{> Andy


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  1. The way I use to do the sFTP thing in DTS is this
    Grab Putty.exe put it on the server
    Create a BAT and a SRC file
    In the BAT file you would have the IP and login info and a call to the SRC file
    In the SRC file you would have CD, GET, PUT, etc etc
    The SRC file would be created from within DTS everyday with the new filename and voila. Very simple actually

  2. I got around this by creating a windows scheduled task that launches the .BAT file that runs psftp and the scr file. Then from SSIS I ran the scheduled task: C:\WINDOWS\system32\schtasks.exe /RUN /TN "ScheduledTaskName"

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