On Developer Communities: The Sponsorship Plan

A Follow-up To My “On Developer Communities” Series …

I have received requests about how we approach sponsors for User Group sponsorship. I have posted the Sponsorship Document we sent to potential sponsors in 2008 here. Registration is required. It’s my site and I leave you alone… mostly.

This will not work everywhere but it works well in Richmond. If this helps, great. If not, perhaps it will stir up some ideas for something that will help. Either way – enjoy!

I will likely have one more post in this series sometime later. I am coordinating with our very first sponsor to produce a Case Study that describes how sponsoring our user groups has helped their organization. I specifically asked this sponsor to think about ROI. I will likely post the resulting CS on my site and include a link in the follow-up post.

I believe this information will be valuable to anyone attempting to adopt a sponsored User Group model.

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