SSIS 2008 To Include Silverlight In Next CTP

An unnamed source at Microsoft confirms today SSIS 2008 will integrate Silverlight in the next CTP:

The SSIS Debugger with it’s stationary tasks and transformations, just sitting there changing color – where’s the graphic feedback in that?

The new functionality will reportedly include more “real-world feedback” graphics. For instance, when a Data Flow task fails for some reason, the Data Flow task on the Control Flow will appear to explode. Truncation on loading a destination will cause scissors to fade in near the Destination Adapter. The scissors will then slice off a portion of the Adapter proportionate to the amount of truncation occurring (it will slice off half if you’re trying to push a varchar(256) into a varchar(128) column). Unicode-to-nonUnicode errors will cause a brick wall to appear over the data flow pipeline. Success will be denoted by a stick figure jumping up and down with arms raised.

How’s that for feedback?!

In addition, the feature is extensible – you can create you own graphics to represent conditional results. I’m looking forward to working with this new feature!

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2 thoughts on “SSIS 2008 To Include Silverlight In Next CTP

  1. You laugh, but for year I’ve really wanted this! In word is you delete a character I want to hear a pop gun. delete a sentecne and hear a gunshot. delete a paragraph and hear a depth charge. delete the whole document and your whole notebook rattles.

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