Presenting at PASS Summit 2011!


I am honored to be presenting at the PASS Summit 2011 11-14 Oct 2011 in Seattle! This year, I was selected to present a regular session and a pre-conference session. The pre-con is going to be fun. It’s a team effort with Tim Mitchell (Blog | @Tim_Mitchell| SQLPeople) and – even though he isn’t listed as a presenter – Matt Masson (Blog | @mattmasson).

Like me, Tim’s been using SSIS since it was released; and Matt’s on the SSIS developer team at Microsoft – he helps build SSIS! Our preconference session is going to be packed with information and advice for developing supportable SSIS packages.

SSIS in the Enterprise (Regular Session – Level 400)

Elegant solutions deliver function and form. SSIS – in Denali and previous versions – supports elegant design. In this presentation, SQL Server MVP and author Andy Leonard demonstrates key components of an SSIS Framework to facilitate SSIS development that performs and is manageable in the modern enterprise. You can have it all – fast ETL processes, execution lineage, real-time reporting, and historical auditing – and Andy will show you how!

A Day of SSIS in the Enterprise (Preconference Session – Level 300)

In this day-long seminar, SQL Server MVPs Andy Leonard and Tim Mitchell – along with Microsoft SSIS Developer Matt Masson – demonstrate an SSIS development methodology for teams building enterprise-class solutions. Topics include:
– SSIS Design Patterns
– ETL Best Practices
– Metadata-Driven SSIS Execution
– Centralized Logging
– SSIS Frameworks
– Package Execution Monitoring
– Predictive Analytics
– Source Control
– ETL Auditing
– Deployment
– Security
The presentation team provides examples of SSIS Design Patterns from their upcoming book: SSIS Design Patterns; actionable demonstrations for building and maintaining SSIS packages in the enterprise; practical patterns that support ETL performance, instrumentation, and deployment; and pragmatic guidance for enterprise ETL Lifecycle Management.
They share from their experiences as consultants, developers in the enterprise, and experience managing teams of SSIS developers for years. The information and advice of this team is applicable in organizations of any size.


The PASS Summit is always a great place to network, make new friends, catch up with old friends, and learn cool stuff about SQL Server. If you read this blog and will be attending the PASS Summit this year, introduce yourself! I’m the fat guy with a fu.


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