Three Free Webinars About Using the SSIS Catalog

Mr. Kent Bradshaw and Llian the Wonder PuppyKent Bradshaw and I are delivering a series of webinars 27-29 Dec 2016 called SSIS Academy: Using the SSIS Catalog.

Why? We’ve been using the SSIS Catalog in Production since 2012. We’ve learned a lot about how it works. Some parts of the SSIS Catalog are complex and we want to share – as best we can – what we’ve learned.

The daily agenda is:

Day 1: SSIS Catalog Introduction and Deployment – We discuss and demo creating an SSIS Catalog and deploying SSIS Projects to the SSIS Catalog.
Day 2: SSIS Execution and Monitoring – We cover executing SSIS packages using the Catalog, and monitoring execution reports. We will also demo alternatives to Catalog-based package execution.
Day 3: SSIS Configuration – No matter which method or tool you select to manage externalization, configuration is complex. In this session, Kent and I discuss and demo SSIS Catalog Environments, References, and Reference Mappings to project and package parameters.

Our intention is to remain “in the box:” We plan to only demonstrate and discuss how to use the SSIS Catalog as it ships. The purpose of this series is to help data integration professionals learn more about applying the SSIS Catalog to enterprise data integration.

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