New Article: Help for DBAs Who Support SSIS at SQL Server Central

My latest article, Help for DBAs Who Support SSIS… is now live at SQL Server Central!

In this article I share some tips and tricks for using SSIS Catalog Compare for surfacing SSIS Catalog metadata, comparing SSIS projects deployed to different SSIS Catalog, and Scripting SSIS Catalog configurations metadata (such as Environments, Environment Variables, References, and Reference Mappings).

SSIS Catalog Compare is part of the DILM Suite (or Data Integration Lifecycle Management Suite) which is designed to support data integration automation. Although SSIS Catalog Compare is not free, most of the tools and utilities at DILM Suite are free – and some are open source.

I invite you to check out the tools and utilities at DILM Suite. I’d love your feedback, and please use the Contact page to send us your questions.


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Designing an SSIS Framework (recorded webinar, registration required)
Biml in the Enterprise Data Integration Lifecycle (recorded webinar, registration required)
Enterprise SSIS, Biml, and DILM – 18 Jul 1:00 PM EDT – free webinar

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