New Data Driven Episode: Mark Tabladillo on Data Science Teams, Bots, Personhood, and Dancing

This week on Data Driven, Frank and I are honored to interview Mark Tabladillo, Lead Data Scientist for Microsoft Services: Data Insights Domain Center of Excellence. We talked about lots of stuff including Data Science teams, bots, personhood, and dancing.

Notable Quotes

No brakes on the F train. (2:10)
On data munging (15:00)
On MS certifications (20:00)
Team Data Science (a github project) (23:45)
The importance of math, engineering, and physics education (26:00)
Frank, on math: “Kaboom” (29:30)
On dancing (36:30)
Digital Immigrants vs. Digital Natives (39:30)
Rise of the Data Science bots (42:45)
I, Robot movie reference (44:30)
Passengers movie reference (44:55)

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