New Data Driven Episode: Rimma Nehme on CosmosDB, Planet-Scale Applications, and Selling Door-to-Door


This week on Data Driven, Frank and I are honored to interview Rimma Nehme, CosmosDB Architect at Microsoft. We had a fantastic time chatting about CosmosDB, open-source, reading, and what (or whom, rather) Dr. Nehme finds really important. As always there are movie references: Blues Brothers and Spiderman are quoted this week.

Notable Quotes

Submitting to the PASS Summit 2017 (1:10)
Blues Brothers movie reference (3:50)
Data needs to be Everywhere (11:00)
Planet scale (16:00)
Spiderman reference (17:30)
Is this science fiction? (24:24)
Battle-tested. (25:30)
Open-source software analytics (27:30)
The CosmosDB simulator (32:44)
A little startup inside Microsoft (35:30)
Rimma found query optimization really, really boring. (37:45)
On family… (40:45)
CosmosDB is truly out of this world. (48:00)
On reading… (42:00)
Selling door-to-door (44:45)

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