What a Launch Week for Data Driven!

Announcing Data Driven


We had a fantastic launch week for the Data Driven podcast!

Thank you to everyone who’s listened (and everyone who will listen). I’d like to take this opportunity to thank our amazing guests: Jen Underwood, Nick Harris, and Lynn Langit. If you’re thinking of launching a podcast, I highly recommend these three guests to kick it off.


There are more amazing guests to come, I promise. Become a Data Driver to receive our weekly newsletter – the one and only only source for advance notice about future guests.

If you’d like to join us as a guest on the show, please email me.


We received our first reviews this past week and… more wow! While we don’t expect all our reviews to be this positive (and 5 stars), it was encouraging to see these reviews come in first:



I cannot say enough good things about my excellent and cool co-host, Frank La Vigne.

Frank has worked tirelessly for months (you would be surprised to learn how much time it takes to build a podcast from scratch!) to bring Data Driven to life. No matter what, he keeps rolling. As we like to joke, “There are no brakes on the F train!” Frank, thank you!


Frank and I recorded a meta-episode – an episode about the episode. We called it Introducing Data Driven.


We plan to release a new episode at midnight every Tuesday.

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