New Data Driven Episode: Kamal Hathi

Frank and I are honored to welcome Kamal Hathi to Data Driven this week! We had a great interview with Kamal and we’re sure you will enjoy hearing from a General Manager at Microsoft about Power BI!

Notable Quotes:

  • “We’ve [Microsoft] been in this space for a while .. two decades” (7:02)
  • “BI for the Masses” (7:24)
  • The “5 by 5” design ethic of PowerBI   (8:36)
  • “PowerBI growing organically like crazy.”  (9:22)
    • “An organic community that loves the product” (9:43)
  • Excel jockeys run the world. (11:01)
  • “PowerBI is the PowerPoint for Data” (12:10)
  • “Excel is a universal tool and PowerBI works very closely with Excel” (13:40)
  • “A number of capabilities that no other tool has” (14:53)
  • “PowerBI was built in a modern age, so it’s a modern tool” (15:33)
  • Frank “fan boys out” at PowerBI’s awesomeness. (16:30)
  • Using Cortana and not realizing your using PowerBI (16:50)
  • Leveraging Microsoft Research’s brainpower and innovations  (18:10)
  • “And then the AI kicks in and finds all kinds of interesting suggestions.” (19:24)
  • Detecting “ballot stuffing” in User Voice with PowerBI. (19:47)
  • “Assistive Intelligence” (20:48)
  • Virtuous cycle of customer feedback and iterative development (23:59)
  • Experimental features (27:27)
  • “We are Data Driven” (27:57)
  • Impacting the world with PowerBI (29:34)
  • News organizations, charities, NGOs, and local governments using PowerBI (32:11)
  • Karate (35:58)
  • Thinking in German (40:00)


Andy Leonard

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