I Love Delivering Training

In December 2017, I delivered Expert SSIS training in cooperation with Brent Ozar Unlimited. I’m a Star Trek fan and I include a couple references to the series in the course.

One reference is to the episode titled The City on the Edge of Forever. In my humble opinion, the plot for this episode is better than almost all of the Star Trek franchise movies (the Wrath of Khan/Search for Spock/Voyage Home trilogy is tough to beat imo…) . I mentioned this in passing during the class.

One of my students sent me the original teleplay for the episode as a gift!

How cool is that?!

I’m humbled and inspired by his message with the gift:

Thanks for a great class. You made me better. Hope you enjoy the book!

Wow. Just wow. I love delivering training!


The next delivery of Expert SSIS is 5-7 Mar 2018. The course has been expanded to 2½ days because I simply have too much information for a single day!

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