SSIS Project Incompatible

Has this ever happened to you? You are opening an SSIS project and… it won’t open. Instead of a Control Flow filled with awesome tasks and containers, you see a message in Solution Explorer telling you “The application is not installed.”

You know this isn’t right because you built the SSIS project on this same machine just a day or two ago! What gives?

Well, you may have seen a message informing you the Integration Services Projects 2.0 extension took too long to load:

(click to enlarge)

The error notification / message reads:

Extension ‘Microsoft Integration Services Projects 2.1’ likely caused nn seconds of unresponsiveness. Disabling it may improve your experience.
Disable the extension | Learn more | Never show this message again

If that happens, you are presented with three options:

  1. Disable the extension
  2. Ignore the message
  3. Never show this message again

If you click option #1, you create this very issue.

How to Fix It

Open Visual Studio and click Tools–>Extensions and Updates:

When the Extensions and Updates window displays, select the Microsoft integration Services Projects entry and click the Enable button:

The Enable button text will change to Disable after the Microsoft Integration Services Projects extension is enabled:

Note: the change will not take effect until you restart Visual Studio.

Restart Visual Studio.

Depending on how you open the SSIS project, you may still get the same messages in Solution Explorer:

Reload the project to check:

Reloading the project almost always works for me:

You’re done! Happy integrating!


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40 thoughts on “SSIS Project Incompatible

  1. This issue is also caused by applying updates to Visual Studio, in which case you have to reinstall SSDT to get BI projects to work again.

    1. I had this exact problem, and this article was the first thing that came up when I googled it, AND it immediately fixed my problem. In 20 years in the industry this has never happened to me before, so thank you!

  2. Justo me acaba de pasar,
    Aca en peru, en ISIL, me acaba de pasar para mi curso de analitica

    Muchisimas gracias!!!!!!!!!
    ese reaload me salvo la vida ya lo había habilitado y nada!!


  3. Brilliant! Simple solution for a problem that more obvious fixes don’t help!

  4. Worked for me also, thanks.
    Does anyone know of an alternative to using SQL Server Integration Services Projects extension in visual studio for developing SSIS packages? I’m fairly new to this process but visual studio sure hasn’t made the process any easier 🙂
    Seems you have to cross you fingers every time you edit the package that it’s not going to just give up and die, not to mention the issue with updates.

  5. Helped me very well, i had disabled the plugin on the 1st place which caused it.
    I had enabled the extension but still i was facing the issue.
    but i did not know that i had to reload it to work.
    Nice info.

  6. My heart sunk when this occurred to me. Your explanation and progression of solutions were very clear and got me back to work.
    Many thanks!

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