On Installing Integration Services Versions Side-by-Side

I do not recommend installing Integration Services versions side-by-side.

Microsoft provides an article describing how to accomplish side-by-side installation of Integration Services, but the article has not been updated in over three years and the last SSIS version mentioned is 2016.

Over the years, I have helped customers who have more than one version of SSIS installed on servers and / or development machines. I’ve encountered issues each time.

Introduced in SSIS 2016 to address this scenario, OneDesigner is one way to address multiple-version management. OneDesigner allows SSIS developers to select the SQL Server version of the SSIS package. Like all solutions, OneDesigner has corners: most notably, OneDesigner emits SSIS package code in the target server version at Build timed. Until that time, developers are coding in the most-current (or currently-selected) version of SSIS. It’s possible to code SSIS executables in a more-current version, executables that are not available in the target version.

Developers may access the TargetServerVersion property by right-clicking the SSIS project in Solution Explorer, and the clicking Properties.

If OneDesigner and TargetServerVersion do not meet your needs, I recommend setting up virtual machines (VMs) for each version instead of installing multiple versions of Integration Services.

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