New DataDriven Episode with Dan Burcaw


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Notable Quotes

BAILeY’s Introduction (00:00)
“Foreshadowing” – BAILeY (00:36)
Andy shares about proofing Building Custom Tasks for SQL Server Integration Services, 2nd EDition (01:30)
Introducing Dan and Nami ML (05:00)
Dan wrote an app – when he was 17 – that was used on the US submarine fleet (05:15)
“I’m surprised it ever shipped, quite frankly.” (07:40)
On getting into AI / ML… (08:10)
On developing in device-constrained environments… (09:00)
Users download…then use…then churn. (10:30)
“…they had a technology stack that could allow them to detect in the experience, right directly on the device that somebody was showing signs of churn, or that somebody was showing some early intent that they might be a a candidate to be a subscriber…” – Dan (12:00)
Regarding signals, “You’re not going to need all these data points.” (13:45)
“It turns out it’s pretty simple on some level, because it’s really about the behavioral signals around engagement.” – Dan (14:30)
On keeping a bad review off the app store… (17:00)
“Subscriptions aren’t a scam.” – Dan (20:40)
Durability, longevity, and sustainability. (24:28)
Some can access at the subscription cost but not the lump-sum cost. (27:05)
“The plus-ification of everything” (27:28)
On a “John Deere subscription”… (28:00)
Tools are becoming more and more accessible due to subscription price points. (31:10)
Who’s responsible in a robo-taxi accident / incident? (32:10)
“The mindset of scale-down is very imrpotant.” – Dan (36:00)
Did data find you or did you find data? (37:00)
On the banner following you through the internet… (38:00)
Being a “data minimalist” is harder, but more mindful of the user. (39:20)
What’s your favorite part of your current gig? (40:20)
“We’re kind of plowing our own frontier.” – Dan (41:30)
When I’m not working, I enjoy ___. (44:00)
Dan is on a Brazilian Jiu-jitsu hiatus. (44:15)
I think the coolest thing in technology today is ___. (45:20)
I look forward to the day when I can use technology to ___. (47:50)
On using Alexa to display recipes while cooking: “I think the voice UI aspect of the electric devices I think, lends itself to a significant advantage there” – Frank (51:00)
“I’m a professional eater.” – Andy (51:20)
Something interesting or different about yourself (51:45)
Writing code at 17 that was used on nuclear submarines. (52:00)
More about Brazilian Jiu-jitsu (52:35)
“It’s sort of like three-dimensional chess.” – Dan (53:50)
Where can people learn more about Dan? (55:30)
Nami ML
Book reading / listening recommendations? (56:00)
The Weapons of Math Destruction (00:00)
The Cuckoo’s Egg (00:00)
“…foreshadowing.” – Frank (59:30)
“…can’t the world use a little more joy these days?” – BAILeY (1:02:20)
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