One Way to Script SSIS Catalog Permissions

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I recently shared a post about the latest version of SSIS Catalog Browser, which plays nice(r) with SSIS Catalog security. My friend Bob shared that he has a lot of SSIS packages deployed in his enterprise. When we communicated about the SSIS Catalog Browser version, he lamented he also has a lot of SSIS Catalog Folders. Using the method I described in the post titled One Way to Set SSIS Catalog Security¬†would be… cumbersome.

Challenge accepted.

My suggestion is to create a database role – something I describe in my post titled One Way to Create an SSIS Catalog Read-Only Database Role – and then use that role in the following, cursor-y T-SQL script to assign read and read objects permissions to all SSIS Catalog Folders in an SSIS Catalog.

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