Interview with an AI

[Title credit: Stevie Ray]

Like many other people, I’ve been tinkering with ChatGPT this winter (2022-2023). I find the experience fascinating and I hope it remains so for as long as possible. One source of information about ChatGPT is YouTube, where one may learn lots of ways to make money with ChatGPT. While I enjoy earning money, I’m much more interested in introducing technical topics to those who wish to learn more.

ChatGPT provides a unique opportunity in that I can simply ask it questions, so I did. Here’s my (no audio) “interview” with ChatGPT recorded 16 Jan 2023:

ChatGPT was at capacity when I first connected. Kudos to the creators for their clever “error messages” which continue until I refresh the page around 1:50 into the video, and then refresh again before the first refresh completes. I’m prompted to login, which I do, and the “interview” begins.

Note: I sped up my typing (~500%) and the gaps between ChatGPT’s responses. It took me some time to compose the next question (in the edit). I kept the typos (with apologies… this is the first time I’ve interviewed a machine…).

I did not alter ChatGPT’s responses.




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