Andy’s Generative AI Poll

Last week I posted polls on Twitter and LinkedIn asking readers the following question:

The answer to my poll question – at the time* – was “None”.

*”At the Time, Andy?”

Yep. I finally broke down and used ChatGPT – to which I subscribe – to help in the blog post before this one: Why I Have Never Liked Personas.

I was struggling to come up with a useful term to describe the stuff machines perform better than humans. I was in search of a description, a classification. Description and classification are things AI does well (in general), and that Large Language Models (LLMs) are designed to do well.

So… I asked ChatGPT-4. The Link to Conversation feature should allow you to view the conversation. In case you are unable to reach the conversation via the link (it’s new and I haven’t tested it much yet), here’s a screenshot:

(click to enlarge and display in a new tab)

You can get close to the portion of the post where I used ChatGPT’s suggestion by clicking this link:

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