TaskFactory Activation Error in Azure-SSIS

I regularly help customers migrate SSIS to Azure-SSIS integration runtimes, a nifty component of Azure Data Factory. I was recently stumped by an error activating TaskFactory (Task Factory for the search engines…) on an Azure-SSIS IR node. The error was:

“The system cannot find the file specified.”

The TaskFactory activation file is named PragmaticWorks.TaskFactory.Licensing.exe. The reason “PragmaticWorks” is in the filename is because the suite of SSIS controls known as TaskFactory was originally written by a team at PragmaticWorks. PragmaticWorks later sold their SSIS software to SentryOne, and SentryOne was later purchased by SolarWinds.

I was able to locate an article that offered some advice regarding the file named PragmaticWorks.TaskFactory.Licensing.exe. One note in that article prompted a thought.

In my Azure-SSIS IR configuration file (main.cmd), the location of the PragmaticWorks.TaskFactory.Licensing.exe file was listed as “C:\Program Files (x86)\Solarwinds\Task Factory\LicenseManager\”. The installation file for TaskFactory was similar to “TaskFactoryInstaller64-YYYY.<Major Version>.<Minor Version>.msi”. I remembered the “64” in that name. The article I found mentioned the activation file may no longer reside in the “C:\Program Files (x86)\” sub-directory, but may have moved to the “C:\Program Files\” sub-directory where – coincidentally – 64-bit stuff is often stored in Windows OS’s.

I edited the Azure-SSIS IR config file to attempt to activate TaskFactory using “C:\Program Files\Solarwinds\Task Factory\LicenseManager\PragmaticWorks.TaskFactory.Licensing.exe” and restarted the Azure-SSIS IR. That solved the error for me.

Hope this helps,

Andy Leonard


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