Change a Fabric Workspace Name

I admit, this functionality may not be as useful for you as it is to me. Why do I like it so much? Well, I tweeted about it:

Impending blog: Changing a #Fabric workspace name. I find this functionality cool because it allows me to build a demo to capture screenshots for the presentation, change the workspace name, and then record a demo in the original workspace. :{>

Note: This is the impending blog post.

One Way to Change a Fabric Workspace Name

First, connect to Microsoft Fabric, click the Data Factory capability, and then:

  1. Click Workspaces from the left menu
  2. Click the ellipsis next to a workspace name
  3. Click “Workspace settings:

When the “Workspace settings” blade opens:

    4. Edit the Name property:

Close the “Workspace settings” blade:

    5. The new workspace name appears in the Workspaces list:


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