Signal Processing and Near-Real-Time Data Integration


Years ago I worked in manufacturing automation. I wrote ladder logic (and machine code and even a little C) mostly for Allen-Bradley and GE Fanuc PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers). I also used HMI (Human-Machine Software) solutions like RSView and WonderWare to develop operator workstation software and to perform data acquisition from the PLCs running the machines.

I learned Motorola M6800 machine code as a kid and the A-B SLC-500’s used a Motorola 68000HC processor, a kind of great-grandchild of the M6800. Being an entrepreneur, I formed a company to deliver manufacturing automation and automation support in the mid-1990’s. I became a Journeyman and – later – Master Electrician, constructed electrical control panels, and wrote software for PLCs, HMIs, and MESs (Manufacturing Execution Systems). I enjoyed this work a lot.

Full Circle

Right before my eyes, I’m watching my newer career – data integration – morph into signal processing for manufacturing via near-real-time integration. It’s cool to see these somewhat disparate worlds collide, especially given my fondness for industrial automation.

We see signals collected acquired from point-of-sale systems (POSs), online sales, micro-services, and other sales automation generating events which are integrated via streams into manufacturing enterprise resource planning systems. The result? Manufacturing plants can begin responding to trends in purchasing in minutes instead of days or weeks (as in the past).

Enterprise Data & Analytics has experience integrating these disparate systems, and we are here to help.™ Contact us today to learn more. Please visit our Integration page.


You might like working with Enterprise Data & Analytics because we grok integration.

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