Presenting at the Seattle SQL Pro Workshop 2017

I am honored to be among the presenters at the Seattle SQL Pro Workshop 2017! Also presenting are Jason Brimhall, Louis Davidson, Jimmy May, Gail Shaw and Wayne Sheffield. I’m looking forward to learning a bunch from these smart folks!

My session is titled Designing an SSIS Framework:

In this “demo-tastic” presentation, SSIS trainer, author, and consultant Andy Leonard explains the what, why, and how of an SSIS framework that delivers metadata-driven package execution, connections management, and centralizes logging. Key takeaways: 1) A metadata-driven approach to SSIS package execution using SSIS Framework Community Edition – a free and open-source SSIS Catalog-integrated execution framework. 2) Demonstration of Catalog Reports, a free and open source SSRS solution for reporting SSIS Catalog data.

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I hope to see you there.


Andy Leonard

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