Presenting DevOps for SSIS 08 Feb 2018

I am honored to present DevOps for SSIS (or Data Integration Lifecycle Management) for the PASS DevOps Virtual Chapter 08 Feb 2018.

DevOps for SSIS (or Data Integration Lifecycle Management) How does SSIS participate in enterprise DevOps? Sharing topics from his latest book (Data Integration Life Cycle Management with SSIS), author and presenter Andy Leonard shares hard won advice from the trenches. Data Integration Lifecycle Management (DILM) is the key, and SSIS design and development must be approached with DILM in mind. Andy shares one way to accomplish enterprise DILM along with patterns, best practices, and a few utilities he’s built to help achieve DevOps with SSIS.

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Andy Leonard

Christian, husband, dad, grandpa, Data Philosopher, Data Engineer, Azure Data Factory, SSIS, and Biml guy. I was cloud before cloud was cool. :{>