Two Recordings Available: SSIS Catalog and SSIS Lifecycle

I recently delivered two hour-long webinars: Introduction to Configuring SSIS in the SSIS Catalog and Introduction to the SSIS Lifecycle. These two webinars can be considered Part 1 and Part 2 for managing enterprise data engineering with SSIS – using the SSIS Catalog and utilities I built as part of the DILM Suite (DILM == Data Integration Lifecycle Management).

The recordings are now available and you can access them by clicking the links above.

What’s Covered

In Introduction to Configuring SSIS in the SSIS Catalog I cover deploying SSIS projects to the SSIS Catalog, configuring literal overrides, and using references to environments to externalize values via reference mappings.

In Introduction to the SSIS Lifecycle I demonstrate gaps in SSIS Catalog lifecycle management and demonstrate utilities I built to close said gaps – utilities that are available at DILM Suite. Most solutions and utilities at DILM Suite are free and some are even open source. Some – like SSIS Catalog Compare – are not free.

  1. If your enterprise is using SSIS 2012+, you should consider the SSIS Catalog.
  2. If you are going to use the SSIS Catalog, you should consider using environments and references for configurations management.
  3. If you’re going to use environments and references for configurations management, you will hit a wall when it’s time to promote environments and references to the next tier in your lifecycle.

In these webinars, I show you the wall.
And then I show you the stairs I built over that wall.

Check out the webinars (registration required):



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