Announcing SSIS Academy!

I’m pleased to announce the availability of SSIS Academy!

I have a confession: Late last year when I wrote a post titled The Second-Best Time, I was writing to yours truly.

I was inspired by some friends and presenters I met at the PASS Summit 2017. I jotted down some notes – just like I advised in that blog post – and was reading through my notes when I returned to Farmville.

One of those ideas? Set up online training.

And so I began. I started by learning everything I could about WordPress-integrated learning management systems. I read reviews, downloaded some trials, kicked the tires, took ’em for a spin around the farm… and found one I liked.

I used it to set up Biml Academy. I put a ton of hours into Biml Academy. If you browse over to the site you may look at it and think, “It doesn’t look like you put a ton of hours into it, Andy!” You may have a point, but if you wear a loose-enough fitting hat, most people won’t notice. I had a lot to learn about learning management systems – and WordPress. I’ve been delivering training professionally since 1986. Granted, I am still learning about delivering training, but I needed to learn more about delivering recorded training online.

This is different than my Summer-O’-ADF series of webinars and Expert SSIS – the next delivery is 10-12 Sep 2018 – that I deliver in cooperation with Brent Ozar Unlimited. Way different.

Delivering Online Training

Biml Academy wasn’t my only idea; it’s just the beginning.

I’m pleased to announce the availability of SSIS Academy!

Data Flows 1 Course

This course introduces the SSIS Data Flow Task and familiarizes the student with building introductory data integration solutions using SSIS. Data Flows 1 includes the following course units, in order:

Lecture: Data Flows 1
Demo: Building Your First SSIS Package
Lab Exercise: Build a Real Data Flow, Part 1
Final Quiz

There’s even a certificate if you complete the course (click to enlarge):

Check out Data Flows 1 and let me know what you think.


Learn More:
Free Webinar – Use SSIS Catalog Compare to Lift and Shift SSIS to ADF – Thursday, 19 Jul 2018 at noon EDT
Biml Academy – Using Biml to Build a Target Database

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