Free Webinar – Use SSIS Catalog Compare to Lift and Shift SSIS to ADF

I’m excited to announce the next free webinar in the Summer-O’-ADF series: Use SSIS Catalog Compare to Lift and Shift SSIS to ADF!


Your enterprise uses Microsoft SQL Server so the powers-that-be asked the good people at Microsoft to demonstrate the latest and greatest Azure coolness. Due to competition on cost and time to market, everyone is looking for ways to improve efficiency. So the team from Microsoft was called for presentation and demo.

And wow!

The C-levels, VP’s, and Directors were all impressed. Marching orders have been decreed. It’s time. The boss-lady is ready to start implementing the latest cool-new-shiny analytics capabilities of the cloud. There’s just one problem:

All your data is on-premises!

If only there was some tool, some utility, that would facilitate the scripting of existing SSIS configurations from the SSIS Catalog. There is such a tool! SSIS Catalog Compare!

Lift and Shift SSIS

SSIS Catalog Compare facilitates DevOps for enterprise SSIS, saves time, improves code quality, and lifts and shifts SSIS projects to Azure Data Factory’s Integration Runtime. More than just an “Package / Project Mover,” SSIS Catalog Compare scripts and/or deploys entire SSIS Catalog configurations including folders, projects, environments, environment variables, references, and reference mappings.

Join SSIS author, consultant, trainer, and blogger Andy Leonard at noon EDT Thursday 19 Jul 2018 as he demonstrates using SSIS Catalog Compare to lift and shift enterprise SSIS to ADF!

Register today!

The Summer-O’-ADF Series Continues!

I’m having too much fun delivering this series. I hope it shows! Because it’s a very cool time to be working in data-related technology. It seems every week there’s a new announcement of some awesome new functionality available in the cloud.

Please join me as we continue this epic journey this summer. It’s the Summer-O’-ADF! Next stop, Lift and Shift SSIS with SSIS Catalog Compare!


Andy Leonard

Christian, husband, dad, grandpa, Data Philosopher, Data Engineer, Azure Data Factory, SSIS guy, and farmer. I was cloud before cloud was cool. :{>

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