My Day – Friday, 20 Jul 2018 – #SQLCareer

5:06 AM

– awaken after hitting the snooze on my phone alarm once.

5:06 – 9:30 AM

– Weigh in, pray, read the Bible, coffee, check the burn barrel.
This morning I weigh 201 pounds.
There’s a bunch to pray about. I start with praise followed by gratitude, thanking God for another day.
This morning I read Psalm 150 and the first half of Romans 14, which later prompts a couple social media posts about how I should stop despising and judging.
Coffee: ’nuff said.
The fire in the burn barrel did not do well last night. The bigger pieces I left to smolder overnight are still there. It’ll take a couple tries to get it burning this morning, I imagine. I start Try #1 with some dead twigs.
I comment on Brent’s post about #SQLCareer and fill up the Buffer buffer for the day.
I open Outlook and see an email from Kent Bradshaw.
I meet with Kent via SkypeForBusinessLync to discuss the goings-on at Enterprise Data & Analytics. Consulting is slow now, which is normal for this time of year. In about the month we’ll start getting pings for work. That’s fine, we both have other things going on (vacations, a trip to the Data Platform Summit 2018 in Bangalore, India, etc.).
Christy and I have breakfast (keto-friendly). She started baking yesterday for the Farmer’s Market tomorrow. After breakfast, I resist the small tray of brownies on the counter… for now. I had a couple yesterday and they are, as ever, awesome.
Stevie Ray finishes camp today and he needs to be picked up at 5:30. It’s about an hour away so I will likely knock off mid-afternoon today.
Riley is finishing up his homeschool testing this weekend. Since he’s doing math I’m on for questions. This will likely consume much of the morning.
Write. I add to my Notepad document to record my day for the next few days.
Startup vDemo – my demonstration virtual machine – in preparation for recording the SSIS Academy Data Flows 2 lab (video only, no audio). Let’s see if we can capture the video before I need to proctor Riley’s exam…

9:30 AM – 12:00 PM

Capture the video for the SSIS Academy Data Flows 2 lab which validates the lab document. Save the lab doc as PDF.
Proctor Riley’s exam.
Christy is cooking like a mad-woman for the Farmer’s Market and doesn’t want to stop to eat lunch (she somehow managed to make supper in the crockpot already!), so I grab some leftovers and eat in the office.

12:00 – 3:30 PM

Worked on SSIS Academy Data Flows 2 course. Added some files to the Data Flows 1 collateral.
I did about an hour’s worth of “Pine Therapy” – keeping the burn barrel going and enjoying some time outside in this lower humidity limbing up a pine I felled a couple days back and piling brush.
I decided to call it quits a little early as we prepare to pick up Stevie Ray from camp. It’s about an hour’s drive into the sticks. You have to put “the sticks” in context and realize that I’m writing that from five miles outside of Farmville Virginia…

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