My Day – Sunday, 22 Jul 2018 – #SQLCareer

6:30-9:00 AM

Awaken. Weigh in, pray, read the Bible, check the burn barrel.
This morning I weigh 200 pounds. Prayer, praise, gratitude, thanking God for another day.
This morning I read Romans 8:31-39. I am teaching our adult Sunday School class this morning and we are making our way through Romans. Powerful.
Coffee. Breakfast. Boy-wrangling. It’s tough to get those boys up some mornings. This morning isn’t too bad. But it isn’t too good either. Apparently it was another late night online. It might be time to adjust the internet availability schedule. Again…

Riley is out-growing clothes weekly, it seems. He’s almost 11 and that happens. We manage to get them fed, watered, medicated, and dressed.

9:00 AM-2:00 PM

We pile into the vans and head to town. Worship starts with breakfast (we had a keto-friendly breakfast already, so we just bring stuff and don’t eat). Each adult Sunday School class is responsible for breakfast one Sunday per month. Our class has 4th Sundays and we pack some goodies Christy has left after the Farmer’s Market yesterday. Praise band rehearsal starts at 9:30. My hands are not cooperating with the guitar this morning. Note to self: No more 3-hour ax-limbing marathons on Saturdays… It’s Vacation Bible School week and Christy has a coordination meeting immediately after the service. We connect with some brothers and sisters for lunch at Pino’s across from Longwood University where good food and fellowship is enjoyed by all!

2:00-3:30 PM

I complete my presentation slides for the Data Platform Summit 2018 and upload all three presentations to the site.

3:30-8:00 PM

I empty the now-cool ash and restart the burn barrel. I’m hoping to get a nice hot fire burning before the threatening storms strike. Once the fire settles into a steady burn deep inside the barrel, Christy, Emma, and I go grocery shopping. We pick up supper from local eateries and head home.

Farmville has two colleges: Longwood University and Hampden-Sydney College. One nice thing about living in a college town is we have plenty of restaurants to choose from – and new restaurants open all the time. Some close, it’s true. But overall, the colleges “recession-proof” our small town.

We get home in time to watch the beginning of Shark Week on The Discovery Channel.


So… that’s a peek into four days in my life. I hope you’ve enjoyed this mini-series that includes this post plus the previous three:

Could I do things differently? Yep. Could I do things better? Goodness yes! This is what was queued for these four days; the decisions I made, some of the stuff I did with the time.

As I mentioned, this week is Vacation Bible School week so we will be at Heritage Baptist Church each evening helping Farmville-area young people learn more about faith in God. It will be a time when lifelong memories are made for the kids attending (I still remember stuff from VBS in Green Bay Virginia when I was a wee lad). It will also be a time of packing Operation Christmas Child shoe boxes, stress, teaching, running around, helping, hard work, learning, hurt-feelings, forgiveness, serving, and of joy in serving.

I didn’t accomplish all my goals for last week. That happens. It’s called “life.” The older I get – and I get even older Tuesday! – the more I’ve learned that life is mostly made up of interruptions. At least, the important stuff is. Things like spilled chocolate milk and scratches and helping and pulled backs and calls and emails.

Work is just stuff I do in between interruptions.
Work is a part of life.
Work is important.
Work is not the most important part of life.

I bumped some work goals into this week and will be back at ’em Monday morning, Lord willing. And life, Lord willing, will go on.


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