SSIS Catalog Compare vNext Preview

I am happy to announce that the next version of SSIS Catalog Compare is officially in Preview!

What exactly does “Preview” mean? I’m glad you asked. It means I am sharing copies of SSIS Catalog Compare with users of the current version to get their feedback, find bugs, and help identify improvements.

Here’s a screenshot:

Looking at this screenshot (click to enlarge), you may notice some things:

  1. Font color indications – in addition to background color changes (which provide a shading for people who have difficulty seeing colors), the font color of “different” items is also different.
  2. The SSIS Catalog loaded into Catalog 2 is an Azure Data Factory Integration Runtime. SSIS Catalog Compare now speaks cloud.

I will be demonstrating using this preview of SSIS Catalog Compare in an upcoming (free) webinar titled Use SSIS Catalog Compare to Lift and Shift SSIS to ADF. The webinar is 19 Jul 2018 at noon EDT. I hope to see you there!


Andy Leonard

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