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‘Twas the Saturday before the PASS Summit 2019 and all through Andy’s office…

During my Azure DevOps and the SSIS Development Lifecycle presentation I may have an opportunity to demonstrate some DILM Suite applications: SSIS Catalog Browser, SSIS Framework Community Edition, SSIS Framework Browser, and Catalog Reports. All four applications are free. SSIS Framework Community Edition and Catalog Reports are also open-source.

Data Integration Lifecycle Management

SSIS Catalog Browser

SSIS Catalog Browser surfaces the SSIS Catalog in a unified, read-only view.of the SSIS Catalog:

SSIS Framework Community Edition and SSIS Framework Browser

Data Integration / Engineering frameworks have three jobs:

  1. Manage execution;
  2. Manage configuration; and
  3. Manage logging.

Integrated into the SSIS Catalog, SSIS Framework Community Edition is an execution-only framework that simplifies the execution of groups of SSIS packages into an SSIS Application:

While SSIS Framework Community Edition is an execution-only framework, DILM Suite sports additional SSIS Framework editions that cover all aspects of Data Integration Lifecycle Management with SSIS.

SSIS Framework Browser surfaces SSIS application metadata stored in the SSIS Framework Community Edition:

Catalog Reports

I love the SSIS Catalog reports built into SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS)! That said, I have a couple complaints:

  1. I cannot select text for copy and paste into an email (or for searching for an error!); and
  2. SSIS Catalog reports are hard-coded into SQL Server Management Studio.

As you can glean from the screenshot, I designed Catalog Reports – a free and open-source SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) solution – based on the reports in SSMS: The SSRS solution is built in SSRS 2014 and includes queries stored as text (I usually refactor these queries into stored procedures in the SSISDB database):

Because Catalog Reports presents a read-only interface, it’s safe to aim at Production instances so others – who have a legitimate reason to view SSIS Catalog executions and performance in Production (but do not have a legitimate reason to have SQL Server Management Studio installed) – may safely access these data.


DILM Suite addresses many tricksy situations for enterprises practicing DevOps or any flavor of lifecycle management with SSIS. Check out these free solutions and let me know what you think!

I hope to see many of you in Seattle next week!


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