Environment Properties Node for Catalog Browser

I’ve been working on SSIS Catalog Compare and its free counterpart SSIS Catalog Browser. Earlier I added Folder and Project Properties nodes, more recently I added Environment Properties:

Environments are… tricksy. Why? Because of broken references. I can hear some of you thinking,…

“What’s a broken reference, Andy?”

That’s an excellent question – I’m glad you asked!

In the SSIS Catalog, it’s possible to create a reference between a project and an environment. You may then delete the environment. The thing is, the reference remains. This is a broken reference because it points to an environment that no longer exists.

Both SSIS Catalog Compare and SSIS Catalog Browser display broken references along with all the available information remaining after the environment has been deleted. In a broken reference, after the environment has been deleted, some of the environment metadata hangs around like a ghost of the (now) missing environment. SSIS Catalog Compare and SSIS Catalog Browser is able to collect metadata about the missing environment (broken reference) using this metadata.



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