SSIS Framework Manager CE Version 0.3 is Available

I made a few more changes to SSIS Framework Manager CE (Community Edition).

The latest change is to add fields to specify the Database and Schema names. A customer shared that their enterprise considers the SSIS Catalog database – SSISDB – a system database (which I totally understand). At their request, I built a new collection of SSIS Framework Community Edition scripts for a database named SSISFramework. The customer shared their enterprise does not employ database schemas and insists on all databases using the dbo schema only. The individual with whom I spoke did not know the reason for the dbo-only rule. I simply added the flexibility to use whatever database and schema the customer desired.

I’ve not yet released the updated version of SSIS Framework Community Edition. I plan to do so once testing with this customer is complete.

Designing a similar update to the SSIS Framework commercial editions is more involved, but I am willing to prioritize such an effort if a customer decides they want to purchase a commercial edition of the SSIS Framework and they want similar location flexibility. Drop me a line if that’s you.

It’s all better. Grab the latest bits for free (!) at the SSIS Framework Manager CE page on

As always, your feedback is appreciated.



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