Updates to the SSIS Extension for Visual Studio 2019

On 25 Jan 2021, the Microsoft SSIS Team released version 3.12 of the Integration Services extension for Visual Studio 2019: SQL Server Integration Services Projects extension for Visual Studio 2019, but there is an issue that has triggered a warning that users rollback to v 3.11.1. The warning was issued 31 Jan 2021 and reads:

There is a regression in latest release 3.12 that SSAS projects will not be able to open if you install both SSAS and this extension on the same VS instance. SSAS team is working on a fix. Please stay on or rollback to 3.11.1 before the new version of SSAS extension is released. Sorry for any inconvenience.

I have the utmost confidence the SSIS team is working to fix the SSAS interference and will release a new update soon.

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