New SSIS Extension v3.13.1 for Visual Studio 2019

On 12 Apr 2021, the Microsoft SSIS Team released version 3.13.1 of the Integration Services extension for Visual Studio 2019: SQL Server Integration Services Projects extension for Visual Studio 2019, but there is an issue that has triggered a warning. On 24 Apr 2021, the Integration Services extension was updated. The page displays this information regarding the previous version, v3.13:

There is a regression in SSIS Projects extension 3.13 that cannot rename a task/data flow component on design surface and cannot add annotation. The issues have been fixed in 3.13.1. Please upgrade to 3.13.1 to bypass those issues.

I have the utmost confidence the SSIS team is working to fix the SSAS interference and will release a new update soon.

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