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This month (May 2022), I mark 47 years since I first flipped toggle switches representing hexadecimal bytes and machine code commands into a Motorola 6800 processor trainer. I remember the thrill of watching the program successfully execute. I still experience a thrill when code runs as intended (usually after much debugging).

I was recently inspired when reading a LinkedIn article by Bill Inmon titled BURYING THE DATA WAREHOUSE – RIP. You will have to read the article to learn “RIP” does not mean “Rest In Peace.”


Like me, Mr. Inmon has been around computer technology for a while. It was recently popular to throw out the phrase “Ok Boomer.” It has been sad to witness this mindset pervade technology. Ageism is a thing. I must confess it is a struggle for me to not judge younger people for their lack of experience. (I am kidding.)

Joking aside, chronological snobbery is a bias rarely discussed in technological circles. As a result, our (me included) tendency is to judge newer technology as better technology. Newer technology often sports cool new features, but it’s not entirely accurate to claim newer is always better. Forty-seven years in this field informs me this is not always the case; there is often some baby in the bathwater of the pervious generation of technology.

It’s more accurate to claim newer technology is often better for some applications.

I cannot count the number of times I’ve read marketing materials that fit this pattern:

_____ is dead. In its place, everyone should now use _____.
_____ relied on now-outdated technology. The technology beneath _____ is newer and better.
Allowing _____ in your enterprise is a business risk. _____ closes gaps surfaced by _____ and is, therefore, not a risk to your enterprise.
More developers are required to maintain _____. _____, on the other hand, requires fewer developers and costs less to maintain.
_____ is less secure. _____ is more secure because it is newer and receives more money and attention from the vendor.
_____ is hated by _____. 97% of _____ agree _____ is a much better choice in technology, and a better business decision.

Most of the information in these marketing messages is accurate. But 47 years has taught me there’s a difference between “accurate” and “true.” Am I claiming the marketing is not true?

I am claiming the goal of the marketing is often at odds with keeping enterprise cash within the enterprise. If you are paying attention, you will note what I did there.

In sum, newer technology almost always offers different features and approaches and speed. Older technology offers stability and confidence. Choose wisely.

Am I biased against new technology? Goodness, no! I am, however, somewhat immune to claims made by people selling newer technology and I question those claims rigorously. I am privileged to know many who develop newer technology and I am able to communicate with them when I see gaps (mostly stuff the old tech did that the new tech does not do, or do as well).

Now, get off my lawn!




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