On Broken References in the SSIS Catalog

I recently made this video to explain what I call “broken references” in the SSIS Catalog. In the video, I create and test a broken reference, and then demonstrate how SSIS Catalog Browser (and SSIS Catalog Compare) visualize broken references.


What is a Broken Reference?

It may help to define reference first. An SSIS Catalog Reference is a relationship between an SSIS Project and an SSIS Catalog Environment in the SSIS Catalog. One or more references to environments may be configured for a project. At execution time one and only one reference may be selected – like Highlander, “There can be only one.

broken reference occurs when one configures a reference between a project and an environment, and then the environment is deleted. SSIS Catalog Browser (and SSIS Catalog Compare) visualize broken references:

SSIS Catalog Compare allows data integration lifecycle managers to delete SSIS Catalog Environments:

SSIS Catalog Compare

If the environment is referenced, however, SSIS Catalog Compare prompts the DILM manager with a dialog that lists the SSIS Projects that reference the environment:

References Check for Environments


It’s possible to create broken references using SSIS Catalog Compare. However, SSIS Catalog Compare:

  1. Warns DILM managers they are about to create a broken reference; and
  2. Requests confirmation before allowing DILM managers to create a broken reference.

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