SSIS Catalog Browser v0.9.12.0

When I tinker with SSIS Catalog Compare, SSIS Catalog Browser is affected. SSIS Catalog Browser is free, SSIS Catalog Compare is not free.

I recently used SSIS Catalog Compare on a consulting engagement to migrate contents of an SSIS Catalog from one server to another. During the migration, I found references were not processed as I desired. Fortunately, the “misbehavior” did not impact the migration, but it got me thinking.

I’ve been updating SSIS Catalog Compare to accommodate what I define as “Unmapped References,” references between a Project and Environment that are present, but no Environment Variables are mapped to Project Parameters (or Connection Manager Properties, which are treated the same as parameters in the SSIS Catalog).

Because I’m an engineer, I added an option in SSIS Catalog Compare to control whether Unmapped References are hidden or displayed. If hidden, then Unmapped References are not scripted:

I may revisit this decision and split scripting and display functionality and options.

SSIS Catalog Browser

The latest version of SSIS Catalog Browser is available and, as mentioned before, remains free:



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