Confidence and SSIS Catalog as Code

That’s what we sell at Data Integration Lifecycle Management Suite: confidence.


There’s no substitute for that feeling of confidence when SSIS Catalog Compare is used to compare two SSIS Catalogs and the comparison yields no differences.

I cannot improve on testimonies from our customers:

The question of comparing a Production SSIS Catalog with a QA (Quality Assurance) SSIS Catalog is a loaded question. The question presumes the enterprise SSIS lifecycle is being managed, and that at least two lifecycle management tiers – other than Development – exist. (I recommend at least four Data Integration Lifecycle Management tiers.)

SSIS Catalog as Code

When a Release Manager uses SSIS Catalog Compare to bundle the scripts required to generate (or regenerate) an SSIS Catalog Folder and all its constituent object and artifact configuration metadata into a single, source-controllable SCCPAC file, the Release Manager is not just practicing DevOps; they are practicing DevSecOps.

In today’s security climate, the more places an enterprise can store infrastructure as code, the better.

If you have not already, check out the video in SSIS Catalog Compare Code Promotion with DILM Deployment Utility.
It’s less than four minutes. You may be glad you watched this video:


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