Start a Fabric Free Trial

Are you interested in learning more about Microsoft Fabric?

One way to begin tinkering with the new platform is to start a free trial. At the time of this post, a free trial is available here:

You may be prompted to check your eligibility for the free Fabric Trial. If so:

  1. Enter your email address
  2. Click Submit:

If you are not prompted to check your eligibility, you may be prompted to connect to an existing Azure account:

The next step is to hover over the account icon in the upper right of the page:

Next, click the account icon:

Make sure the License type displays “Free account”.

Click the “Start trial” button to display the following popup:

Please click the “Learn more” and “terms and conditions” links, and then read all the information at each link before clicking the (second) “Start trial” button – and then only click the “Start trial” button if you understand what you’ve read.

Setting up a Microsoft Fabric trial is part of the “Get started with Microsoft Fabric” learning path at Microsoft Learn, which is one place to go to learn about all Microsoft technology:

Happy learning!


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