Update on my January 2023 Offer for Free Training

In late January 2023, I shared a post titled “Laid Off? Or the Beginning of Your Next Opportunity?” in which I offered free access to one year of Enterprise Data & Analytics Premium Level – which contains all my recorded training. As you may read in the original post, I was inspired to make the offer because I saw so many LinkedIn posts about people being laid off.

It warms my heart that 716 of you signed up for access to Premium Level! My hope is that the training benefited those who signed up.

Clarifying Some Confusion

There has been some confusion about what happens next month when subscriptions expire. I realize I did not do a good job communicating all aspects of the original offer. I own all criticism similar to

“Andy Leonard is snookering us into paying full price for a subscription renewal in January 2024!”

I spot-checked a sample of the orders associated with the coupon code supplied in January 2023. The orders I checked appear identical to the image shown above.

Note the “Next Bill On” field value is “N/A”.
There is no automatic renewal scheduled for these subscriptions.

If the subscription automation works as designed, current subscribers who signed up for this offer will receive an email notification that their subscription is expiring. The email will include a link in case you would like to renew access to Enterprise Data & Analytics Premium Level for another year.

I did not include information about the subscription-expiration email notification in the original offer because the functionality did not exist at that time.

You are not obligated to renew your subscription.

If your employment circumstances have improved
and you can afford to do so without causing too much financial stress
and you received value from free access to Enterprise Data & Analytics Premium Level,
it would be most appreciated if you chose to renew your subscription.

Want to Learn More?

At the time of this writing (and for a limited time), one year of access to Enterprise Data & Analytics Premium Level is on sale, as is my 1-day, live, online course titled “Master the Fundamentals of Azure Data Factory“.

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