Free Webinar – ADF Controller Design Pattern with the SSIS Integration Runtime

The next free webinar in my Summer-O’-ADF series of free webinars is titled ADF Controller Design Pattern with the SSIS Integration Runtime. It’s scheduled for Thursday 5 Jul 2018 at noon EDT. It will be recorded in case you miss it.

“Previously on the Summer-O’-ADF Series…”


In my previous webinar, The Azure Data Factory Controller Design Pattern (recording available, registration required), I demonstrated using the Controller Design Pattern is “native Azure Data Factory.” In native ADF, I used the Execute Pipeline Activity to start a different ADF pipeline.

I walked through several use cases, demonstrating the behavior of the Execute Pipeline and the implications of important property configurations. Check it out!

“In This Episode of the Summer-O’-ADF Series…”

ADF Controller Design Pattern

In this webinar, I apply similar logic to the ADF Execute SSIS Package Activity! Join me as we walk through configurations and use cases for the Execute SSIS Package activity in Azure Data Factory.

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