Lift and Shift SSIS Part 0: Creating the ADF Integration Runtime

Let’s face it: All the cool kids are playing in the cloud. And why wouldn’t they be? Microsoft Azure gets new features every week… sometimes every day! One shiny feature is Azure Data Factory Integration Runtime (ADFIR) which is new in Azure Data Factory version 2. In this post I will show you one way to create the Integration Runtime.

Connect to Azure and Create a SQL DB

First, connect to the Azure Portal. Click the “Create a resource” link and add a new SQL DB and server. I like to create a new resource group as well because a resource group allows me to group together a bunch of related resources. It’s also easier to tear down once I’m done. (Who wants to pay extra for leaving things running after you’re done tinkering? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?)

Create an Azure Data Factory

Next, click the “Add a resource” link, select Integration from the topics on the left, and then click Data Factory to create an Azure Data Factory:

Walk through the configuration steps, selecting unique names where required. I tend to choose “lesser” options when they are presented. Again, I do not wish to pay for resources unless and until I need them.

Once your Azure Data Factory is configured you can browse to the Author & Monitor site:

When you reach the ADF Author & Monitor site, click the image and link to “Configure SSIS Integration Runtime”:

Configuring the SSIS Integration Runtime

There are three steps to configure the SSIS Integration Runtime:

1) Set the Name, Location, Node size and number (click to enlarge):

2) Configure SQL Server settings (click to enlarge):

3) Configure Maximum Executions per Node and Advanced Connections settings (click to enlarge):


At the time of this writing it takes 20-30 minutes for the Azure Data Factory Runtime to be created:

It will finally start. Promise:


That’s it! You’ve configured Azure Data Factory’s Integration Runtime.

See Part 1 to learn more about deploying SSIS projects to your shiny new ADFIR!

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