SSIS Catalog Browser v0.6.4.0 Released

“There I was…” happy as a clam, rolling right along in my free webinar titled “Introduction to Lifting and Shifting SSIS to the Cloud” (you can view the recording if you missed it [registration required]). I opened Catalog Browser to show off this free utility from DILM Suite and “Guess what my code did?”

“Exactly what you told it to do, Andy!”

That’s right.

The Bug

I found a bug in Catalog Browser – and in the next version of Catalog Compare (they share the same Catalog visualization code base). I fixed the bug this fine Saturday morning and I can best describe it by showing you the previous and current versions side-by-side (click to enlarge):

As you can see from the SQL Server instance textboxes, I am connected to the same SSIS Catalog in both images. v0.6.2.0 had a bug in the way it surfaced connection references. In my defense, the logic for connection references is among the most complex functionality in Catalog Browser.

But still.

Something very similar to the left image happened during my webinar. I was using Catalog Browser to display the Values Everywhere feature – which I like a lot – and I got duplication in some of the nodes. Not just any duplication either, mind you, it was very… multiple-ish – maybe even exponential-y – duplication. As a result, I was surprised during my presentation and even thought for a minute the ADF Integration Runtime Catalog had been updated since my previous tests.

Then I thought about it some more and could not recall testing Values Everywhere with multiple connection reference mappings. That bugged me. So I decided to fix it post haste.

It’s fixed in both the latest release of Catalog Browser and the upcoming release of Catalog Compare.

Catalog Browser is free. It’s part of the DILM Suite (DILM stands for Data Integration Lifecycle Management) which is a collection of mostly free – and some open source – utilities that support managing SSIS in the enterprise. I wrote about several DILM Suite solutions in my latest book:


As I mentioned, Catalog Browser connects to all versions of the SSIS Catalog. At the time of this writing, “all versions” includes 2012, 2014, 2016, 2017, and Azure Data Factory Integration Runtime.

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