HowTo: Install SSIS Framework Community Edition

SSIS Framework Community Edition is available from DILM Suite (Data Integration Lifecycle Management Suite). SSIS Framework CE is not only free, it is open source.

To install SSIS Framework Community Edition, visit DILM Suite and click SSIS Framework Community Edition:

When the SSIS Framework Community Edition page opens, click the first link:

This link will take you to GitHub where you may download the code:

Unzip the file and open the PDF titled SSIS Framework Community Edition Documentation and User Guide:

The documentation includes instructions for creating an SSIS Catalog on-premises – or an instance of Azure-SSIS in Azure Data Factory:

The Documentation and User Guide next walks you through the process of upgrading the SSIS packages to the latest version of SSIS, followed by instructions for deploying the Framework project:

The next step is to execute T-SQL scripts that configure the project you just deployed and also create the SSIS Framework objects:

The remainder of the document walks you through testing and customizing the SSIS Framework for your own needs. A customizing primer is included, in which I demonstrate how to extend Framework functionality.

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Click here to learn about SSIS Framework Browser, which is free.

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