Free Webinar – Updates to the SSIS Framework

Join me 30 Jul 2020 at 12:00 PM EDT for Updates to the SSIS Framework!
The recording for this presentation is available here.

“I cover a really good example in the webinar. “

My favorite new feature is Application Package Property Overrides. I can hear you thinking, “What are Application Package Property Overrides, Andy?” I’m glad you asked! If you open SSMS and drill into the Integration Services Catalogs node and pick an SSIS package. Right-click the SSIS package and click Execute to open the Execute Package dialog – from which you can click the Advanced tab and then click the Add button to add a property override, as shown here:

I may access the Advanced tab when (manually) executing an SSIS package in the SSIS Catalog (shown above) or when configuring a SQL Agent job – shown here:

I can hear you thinking, “Ok. Awesome. Your point?” OK, ok , ok – patience!

cannot save this setting using native SSIS Catalog project configurations:

I like this SSIS Framework feature (a lot) because I see this as solving a gap in the SSIS Catalog. Without this feature, I have a few options:

  • Configure a SQL Agent job to store a property override
  • Configure a property override every time I manually execute the package in the SSIS Catalog, which is not a sustainable solution (in my humble opinion).
  • Use the dtexec.exe command line option for executing packages and set property overrides with the /SET switch, for instance.

I’d like the SSIS Framework option of storing property overrides. Why? I cover a really good example in the webinar.


I am looking forward to sharing this and other cool features of the DILMSuite SSIS Framework.

Register today – I hope to see you there!

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