Global Parameters in SSIS Framework

I’m happy to announce the latest version of our SSIS Framework includes global parameters! I can hear some of you thinking, …

“What Are Global Parameters, Andy?”

I’m so glad you asked! SSIS ships with package-scoped and project-scoped parameters. Project-scoped parameters may be used in any SSIS package in the project; package-scoped parameters are only available within the context of a single SSIS package. This functionality reduces repetition in SSIS package development and execution configuration.

Global parameters allow our SSIS Framework customers to set parameters and values that apply to the entire SSIS Catalog.

(click to enlarge)

For example, when I execute an SSIS package from the integration Services Catalogs node in SSMS, the CALLER_INFO execution parameter doesn’t get populated. Worse, it’s right there in the Caller field above – in the Execution Information tablix found in the Overview report.

Just Add Global Parameters…

Global Parameters in our commercial SSIS Frameworks may be populated with parameters – including SSIS Catalog execution parameters:

When executed within our SSIS Framework, the CALLER_INFO execution parameter is overridden with the value of @originalLogin:

How cool is that?


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