Brent Ozar, my friend and brother from another mother, shared an interesting link on LinkedIn. The article Brent linked is titled Amazon RDS for SQL Server now supports the Business Intelligence Suite on SQL Server 2019. I find the topic interesting for a number of reasons.

I’m interested in helping enterprises lift and shift on-premises enterprise SSIS and Automation using SSIS Frameworks to the cloud. I’ve written about both automation and lifting-and-shifting Integration Services (SSIS). Enterprise Data & Analytics builds and maintains tools – like SSIS Catalog Compare and SSIS Frameworks – to support lifting and shifting and SSIS execution automation, respectively.

Well… there goes my weekend… I will blog more when I learn more.


PS – Thanks for posting, Brent!

Andy Leonard

Christian, husband, dad, grandpa, Data Philosopher, Data Engineer, Azure Data Factory, SSIS guy, and farmer. I was cloud before cloud was cool. :{>

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