AndyStream for 7 Nov 2021

Frank and I are on Day 5 of 1,000 days, a new thing we started 02 Nov 2021 to remind us time is not fungible and we should build – and stick to – systems of execution.

This morning I popped on for a few minutes to (again) share information about Enterprise Data & Analytics‘ commercial SSIS Frameworks and SSIS Framework Manager, which is coming along nicely (especially since I started working on it again!). It’s all part of the Data Integration Lifecycle Management Suite which consists of a bunch of mostly-free utilities, and about half the free stuff is open source. Check it out.

As I am apt to do on the weekend, I am starting a longer streaming session where I will dive deeper into the SSIS Framework Manager testing and debugging. Join me and watch me tinker with features. Ask questions. Engage! It should be fun.


Links from Today’s Stream:

Andy Leonard

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