Azure-SSIS Supports SSIS 2017 Only

With the recent public preview release of Synapse-SSIS, I want to remind SSIS developers that Azure-SSIS integration runtimes – be they configured in Azure Data Factory (ADF) or in Azure Synapse Analytics – support only SSIS 2017 packages. Errors most often occur when executing SSIS packages that contain script tasks or script components.

If you deploy an SSIS 2019 package containing a script object to either ADF or Synapse integration runtime’s SSIS Catalog, package execution will fail with the error:

Error: Cannot load script for execution.

(click to enlarge)

The Fix

To correct this issue:

  • Open the SSIS project in Visual Studio
  • In Solution Explorer, right-click the project name
  • Click Properties
  • When the SSIS project’s Property Pages display, click “Configuration Properties” in the left-most list
  • Click the TargetServerVersion property dropdown and select SQL Server 2017 for SSIS 2017 packages:

The error is identical in Azure Data Factory Azure-SSIS and in Azure Synapse Analytics’ Azure-SSIS integration runtimes.

Hope this helps!


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