Failed Get Parameter Info Error in Azure-SSIS

Have you encountered this error: “Failed Get Parameter Info of parameter ____”? I ran into this error a couple times while consulting for a client to lift and shift SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) to Azure Data Factory (ADF).

The Most Likely Fix

  • Make sure the Azure-SSIS integration runtime is running:
    • Launch Azure Data Factory Studio
    • Click the Manage page
    • Click the Integration runtimes page
    • Find your Azure-SSIS integration runtime and make sure the Status is Running:


  • Open the ADF pipeline that contains the Execute SSIS Package activity
    • Click the Execute SSIS Package activity
    • Click the Settings tab
    • If the Manual entries checkbox is checked, uncheck it
      • If you get an error message informing you your Azure-SSIS integration runtime is not running
        • Note the name of Azure-SSIS IR in the uppermost dropdown on the Settings tab
        • Return to the step at the top of these instructions – the step that reads “Make sure the Azure-SSIS integration runtime is running” and start over

      • If you do not get an error message, continue

    • Click the Refresh button and configure the Folder, Project, and Package properties
      • If your SSIS package used an Environment, configure the Environment property. as well
  • Review the parameters on the SSIS parameters tab (reconfigure if if needed)

What Does This Error Mean?

The most likely scenario is:

  1. An SSIS project – containing one or more SSIS package(s) – was deployed to an SSIS Catalog configured for use with an Azure Data Factory Azure-SSIS integration runtime
  2. After the SSIS project was deployed, an ADF developer built an ADF pipeline and configured an Execute SSIS Package activity to execute the SSIS package
  3. When the Execute SSIS Package activity was configured on the pipeline, the parameters were read and parameter-related metadata was stored in the pipeline metadata (which is stored in JSON)
  4. After the Execute SSIS Package activity was configured, someone – perhaps a different developer? – changed the name of one parameter (or several parameters) and then redeployed the SSIS project to the Azure-SSIS IR’s SSIS Catalog
  5. Redeploying the SSIS project with renamed parameters isĀ not detected by the Execute SSIS Package activity configured on an ADF pipeline, so the “Parameter info” stored in the ADF metadata (JSON) is now out of date.


This is not the only way in which SSIS package metadata in an ADF pipeline and SSIS Catalog may become out of synch. When I see “Parameter info” though, this is at least one of the issues.

Hope this helps!

Andy Leonard

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